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Riddle Quest!

Do you dare to take on this challenge?

Hello world, welcome back to WTPA Radio! I hope you are staying tuned so far. We will definitely be publishing a broadcast in the next 1-2 weeks so make sure to listen to it and comment what you think of it. We would appreciate it if you suggest anything we can improve on or if there is any jingles/music you would like us to play.

Anyway, welcome to today’s blog. Today’s blog will be about Riddles. Try and answer them all! Do you take on this dare? Answers will be posted in between the 27 – 30th of January.

  1. I’m tall when I am young and short when I am old. What am I?
  2. Three fat ladies stood underneath a normal umbrella (it isn’t massive, just a normal average sized umbrella where only 1 person will fit). Why didn’t any of them get wet?
  3. Which word if pronounced right is wrong and pronounced wrong is right?
  4. An electric train was travelling North at 120 mph. Which way did the smoke blow? North, East, West or South.
  5. Which is heavier, a ton of gold or a ton of feathers?
  6. If you are in a race, what place are you in if you over take the person in second place?


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